React Native Store Locator

This project permits to create an application which display shops, cafe, pubs etc.. on a map.

When you will download the app, you will have a React Native projet ready to be built, this project uses a store list retrieved from Google Places.

Users can filter this list, by store type and address, a Geocoder permits to automatically geocode user address and start a search on it.

User can calculate the routes from selected point of interest, and click to call it.

It is a modern design, compatible with iPhone and Android.

Technical :

  • This project has been developed with React Native for native iOS / Android support

  • Redux is used to manage application state and adopt a nice pattern

  • Code Quality follow eslintrc guidelines

With this project, you will learn how to :

  • Structure your project with redux

  • Display a map and customize pins

  • Live filter results of a map

  • Center a map based on your current location

  • Geocode an address

  • Animate a custom menu

  • Launch phone call

  • Launch directions

  • Use Google Places / Maps API

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